Mara Kardas-Nelson. Journalist.

Health. Environment. Development. Social Justice. Movements. Change.

About Mara

I write about health, environment, development, politics, social justice, movements and change.  I’m intensely interested in the world around me, the people that I meet, the way we interact with each other, and how different components of our world—technology, the natural and built environments, political systems, culture—work, and work together. My writing and reporting interrogates so as to learn more, and learn better. I strive to produce nuanced, high-quality journalism that is built upon in-depth research, human-centered storytelling, and great writing.

My award-winning work has been featured in NPRThe Nation, Al Jazeera, the Mail & Guardian, Bloomberg News, AlterNet, TruthOut,, The British Medical Journal, the Globe & Mail, as well as several health and development publications. I have also had a career in global health, working for South Africa’s the Treatment Action Campaign, the Access Campaign of Médecins Sans Frontières, the Open Society Foundation, and Partners in Health. I have lived in America, Canada, South Africa, and Sierra Leone. I am currently based in Berkeley, California, reporting on America’s West Coast. I also pursue annual reporting trips in West Africa.

As of August 2018 I will be a joint Masters in Journalism and Public Health student at the University of California, Berkeley.