Mara Kardas-Nelson. Journalist.

Health. Environment. Development. Social Justice. Movements. Change.


Here’s some highlighted work:

“Who are Sierra Leone’s health security efforts for?” The BMJ.

“Yelibuya: Why is this town in Sierra Leone sinking?” Al Jazeera.

“Chasing A Dream: An Ambulance Service That People Can Trust.” NPR.

“Rogue doctor without borders.” Al Jazeera.

“Can (and should) Africa make its own medicines?” The BMJ.

“DDT’s pesky proponents.” Al Jazeera.

“Why South Africans Keep Voting for the ANC.” The Nation.

“Hand in Hand with US Government, Big Pharma Pushes for More Profits.” Truthout.

“After the Mines.” Fourthwall Books.

“Patient fees cripple Zim’s healthcare.” The Mail & Guardian.

“Women in Uganda fight the fear of fistula.” The Mail & Guardian.

“Farmworkers reap a grim harvest.” The Mail & Guardian.

“The magic of Maputo.” The Mail & Guardian.

“Rising Water, rising fear: SA’s mining legacy.” The Mail & Guardian.

“Mpumalanga’s not-so-clean coal.” The Mail & Guardian.

“Sterilised without consent.” The Mail & Guardian.

“Eviction threat to refugees.” The Mail & Guardian.